Daily Kent Stater: “Moneyball: a look at Kent State’s athletic scholarships”

Below is my first article as the sports enterprise reporter for the Daily Kent Stater, which was featured as the September 9 centerpiece. It’s 1500 words  about the history, money, challenges, and strategy behind division one athletic scholarships. For this story interviewed Kent State athletic director Joel Nielsen, director of compliance Randale Richmond, baseball coach Scott Stricklin, field hockey coach Kathleen Wiler, and Buckeye State Baseball founder/writer Chris Webb. I also researched statistics and financial figures from reports from the US Department of Education, the EADA report, FOIA requests for coaches contracts, and found contextual information using numerous academic journals. Read my story from the Daily Kent Stater on Kentwired.com:

For coaches, it could be their biggest headache. For the athletic department, it costs millions of dollars every year. For many athletes, it could be the difference between years of debt and a free college education.

Scholarship management is one of the most vital issues in college sports, for all involved. But not all of Kent State’s 323 scholarship athletes operate under the same rules.

Unlike football, where up to 85 athletes are allowed a full-ride, sports like baseball must figure out how to divide up a limited number of scholarships throughout the team. Continue reading on KentWired.com.

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