Daily Kent Stater: “Kent State one of few public universities to sell beer in stadiums”

Below is my article for the October 17 issue of the Daily Kent Stater. It’s 1200 words about beer sales during Kent State football games at Dix Stadium: how it started, how much beer is sold, and how it relates to crime. I talked to former athletic director Laing Kennedy, current deputy athletic director Tom Kleinlein, a KSU police officer, and a beer vendor within the stadium. I found beer sale records from the athletic department, arrest records from the Kent State police department, and temporary alcohol permits dating back to 1993 from the Ohio Board of Liquor Control. My story on Kentwired.com:

Kent State doesn’t have a rich football history. What it does have, however, is something most schools don’t: beer sales inside the stadium.

Many universities sell alcohol in private suites and lounges, but Dix Stadium is one of only 20 Football Bowl Subdivision venues with beer available to the public. A decade ago, it was only sold in 10 stadiums, according to USA Today.

The Flashes were an early adapter to the trend as the athletic department introduced beer sales inside the stadium gates eight years ago, said former Athletic Director Laing Kennedy, who retired in the spring of 2010. Continue reading on Kentwired.com.

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