Daily Kent Stater: “Student-athletes take random required drug tests”

The following is an article i wrote for the Daily Kent Stater about failed drug tests by Kent State athletes. I did a records request to find the dates of the failed tests, the sport that the athlete played, and the drug that showed up on the test. My story on Kentwired.com:

Forty-two Kent State student-athletes have failed drug tests since the winter of 2004, mostly for marijuana use, according to data from a series of records requests to the athletic department.

Of the nearly 450 Kent State student-athletes, around 10 percent are randomly selected on several days throughout the semester to be screened for “street drugs.” More athletes can be tested at the request of a coach or athletic department administrator, explained Trent Stratton, Kent State’s sports medicine director, in an email. Continue reading on Kentwired.com.

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