Daily Kent Stater: “A different kind of court: Despite policy, basketball players rarely lose game time after arrests”

The following is my most viewed and most debated  article I have written for the Daily Kent Stater. In one week, it has amassed over 2,500 views (the second most viewed sports article on the site) and 33 comments. I spent nearly three weeks working on the article after discovering an unreported arrest by a starting basketball player. I then found all of the arrest records, their incidents reports, subsequent court records for the members of the Kent State basketball team, and charted their minutes in the games following arrests. I interviewed head basketball coach Rob Senderoff, athletic director Joel Nielsen, and lawyer Matt Lockhart. My story on Kentwired.com:

When a student-athlete is arrested and charged with a crime, the athletic department policy in the student-athlete handbook states student athletes “will be suspended for the next immediate” regular-season game.

“I would say 90-some percent of the time, if not more, we refer directly to this, and we stick to this,” Athletic Director Joel Nielsen said, talking about arrests while holding the handbook.

Despite frequent run-ins with the law since last year, including drunken driving, drug possession and disorderly conduct, only one basketball player of the current lineup has been suspended for a game. Continue reading on Kentwired.com

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