Daily Kent Stater: “90Ksu reached with help of department money”

For the 2010 football season, Kent State needed to average 15,000 fans during its six home games (because of NCAA bylaw After the final game, Kent State announced that the goal was met, and thanked the fans. That was reached, however, by the athletic department using more than $113,000 of its own money to “purchase” nearly 23,000 tickets after the season, to make up for falling short. I obtained the following public documents, which are viewable online: a record of the $113,610 check that paid for the tickets, official attendance audits from 2005-2011, official ticket manifests from 2008-2011, contracts and supplemental pay records of athletic directors Joel Nielsen and Tom Kleinlein. Here’s the article:

By all accounts from the athletic department, the “90Ksu: Everyone Counts” marketing campaign was successful for the 2010 football season.

Without the campaign, the Flashes would have been in violation of the NCAA rules mandating an average of 15,000 in paid (tickets purchased) or actual (people in the stadium) attendance once every two years.

But records and sources confirm Kent State reached a paid attendance of just over 90,000 in the six home games in 2010 by using more than $113,000 of its own money. The funds were used to “buy” nearly 23,000 illusory tickets after the season was over to make up for falling short of the NCAA-mandated minimum. Continue reading

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