Top stories for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

I spent the Summer of 2012 as a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which was a great experience. A full list of my stories for the Plain Dealer can be found here. Here are several of my tops stories this Summer, listed chronologically:

June 6, 2012: Towpath Trail builders have new way to get around contaminated land in Cleveland

“… Plans to connect the Towpath Trail through a plot of radioactive land south of Steelyard Commons have been ditched. Instead, officials are working on an ambitious multimillion-dollar detour that would finally connect the Harvard Avenue trailhead with the shopping area, and complete one of the last links in the 110-mile trail…”

June 26, 2012: Ohio officials encourage re-entry program for felons

“…In the past decade, government leaders have increasingly focused on programs that help newly released felons obtain housing, employment, transportation, education and drug and alcohol counseling. Without those resources, and the sense of hope it brings to the people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, felons are much more likely to fall back into the old habits that landed them in prison, the speakers said…”

June 27, 2012: Ohio beaches still second worst among coastline states

“… ‘Ohio and other Great Lakes states have the same set of problems,’ said Karen Hobbs, senior analyst in NRDC’s Water Program. These include aging and failing infrastructure, combined sewer systems that flow directly to the lake, and increased rain that the organization attributes to climate change…”

July 12, 2012: Man killed during store robbery in Cleveland committed another one outside the store three years ago

“… The man shot and killed by an East Side store owner during a suspected armed robbery Tuesday was supposed to be in a Cleveland halfway house, finishing a sentence for an armed robbery committed outside the same store more than three years ago…”

July 12, 2012: Cuyahoga County election board disagrees on extending early voting hours

… Democrats say Husted’s decision will affect thousands of likely Barack Obama voters. They fear that restricting hours in the heavily Democratic county during the early voting period 35 days before the election could give Republican challenger Mitt Romney the edge in this crucial swing state…

July 21, 2012: 18 hours of digging turns up no clues on what happened to Amanda Berry

“… An inmate’s tip led authorities to dig up an entire vacant West Side lot looking for the missing teen’s remains and got people from that neighborhood telling tales of the inmate’s troubled upbringing there. But the combined 18-hour search turned up no clues as to what happened to Amanda…”

August 5, 2012: Proposed income tax increase divides Shaker Heights residents

“… A proposed increase in the income tax from 1.75 percent to 2.25 percent is causing a rift in Shaker Heights between residents who demand an end to what they consider wasteful spending and others willing to pay more to maintain the city’s high quality of life…”

August 16, 2012: Two Lorain police officers under investigation

…Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores said he received phone calls and emails from residents saying that Gonzalez’s guns, still fully working with serial numbers matching the ones supposedly burned, were found during a recent drug raid…

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