Deadspin: “Meet The Pharmacist, The FedEx Courier, And Other Dreamers Who Applied To Coach Wisconsin Football”

This post for Deadspin was extremely simple to do. When Wisconsin football coach Brett Bielema left for Arkansas, the University of Wisconsin-Madison advertised the job opening online per state law for public jobs. Once they hired Gary Andersen, I submitted a public records request for all of those applications, many of which were hilarious. Here’s the story on

… Among the applications you can find résumés for Utah State coach Gary Andersen, who wound up getting the job, not to mention Mel Tucker, the Wisconsin grad who recently became the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator.

Other applicants were marginally less qualified. Those include a local Walgreen’s pharmacist, a recent college graduate who was the captain of his football team, a veteran FedEx driver, an executive recruiter who played one season of Division III baseball, and a lawyer who listed among his “relevant experience” the fact that he has “excelled in various fantasy baseball and football leagues.”

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