Cleveland Scene: “The Brothel of Bedford: The Prostitution Bust and the Corrupt Officials Who Went Down with It”


This is my sixth cover story for Cleveland Scene magazine, about a prostitution investigation in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford and how the city’s judge, Harry J Jacob III, and law director, Ken Schuman, were eventually arrested on felony corruption charges for their role in protecting it. Read it here:

Operating above the dentist office, driving school, lawyer and insurance agency in the boxy office building in a boring stretch in Bedford was a different kind of business not included in the Walsh Professional Building signage out front with the others.

Up on the third floor was a massage studio, one with online advertisements for “the hottest rub you could imagine” from girls with names like Lola, Kendra, Rayne and Star.

When federal and local authorities finally raided the top floor of the Walsh Professional Building and its covert tenant last fall, they found not just a simple massage parlor called “Studio 54,” but a full-on brothel, a secretive den whose business “provided a menu of services ranging from nude massages to sex acts,” according to prosecutors.

Soon after, it also turned up something perhaps less surprising, at least in Cuyahoga County: corrupt public officials. The looming shadow of Jimmy Dimora is hard to escape in this working-class Cleveland suburb, after all…  Continue reading on… 


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