Cleveland Scene: “A Traffic Ticket and a Bullet Through the Chest”

Greg Love shooting Cleveland Scene cover

This is my seventh cover story for Cleveland Scene magazine, about a Cleveland police officer shooting an unarmed man after a traffic violation downtown. Read it here:

… He doesn’t make it across before Montague heads to Biggins in the passenger seat, pulls out his Glock 17 9 mm gun from his holster, Love says, and then walks around the front of the truck to Love’s open window. The gun in his left hand, Montague reaches inside the car with his right, trying to grab the keys. But the ignition for Love’s Range Rover is not on the steering column, it’s between the seats; the officer is grabbing for keys but coming up with nothing.

“He’s reaching in the inside of my truck and he’s trying to turn the key off thinking it’s up here by the steering wheel but my key’s in the center console,” Love explains. “So I’m sitting back with my hands up and I’m telling him my key isn’t there.” According to the lawsuit, the officer gives up on trying to find the keys and withdraws his hand from the car.

Once he takes a step back, Montague points his guns through the window. Love’s inside, leaning back with his hands up, palms facing forward next to his head and arms pinched against his torso, he says. Montague squeezes the trigger.


A single gunshot bursts into Greg Love’s chest at point-blank range.

Panic… (continue reading on



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