Cleveland Scene: “Who Shot Chris Heben?”

Chris Heben cover 2

My latest cover story for Cleveland Scene magazine, published on Nov. 19, 2014: “Who Shot Chris Heben? The Strange Tale of a Former Navy SEAL and the Suburban Shopping Plaza Shooting that Never Happened.”

… With that now deleted Facebook post (the reasons for which will become apparent shortly) in late March from Akron General Hospital, former Navy SEAL Christopher Heben jumped into headlines across the country and the world. After all, there’s no more compelling story than an All-American Hero who, after being attacked in the bustling West Market Plaza in front of a Mustard Seed grocery store, hops in his Ford F-150 and chases the bad guys, ignoring the searing pain of a gunshot wound to the stomach before eventually heading to the Bath Township police station for help.

Nevermind that it was actually during rush hour on Friday and not Saturday, as Heben wrote. That was just one of the countless fungible details in Heben’s fluid version of the events, which morphed with each appearance like he was in a game of telephone with himself. Those details didn’t matter much early on as Heben basked in the glowing media coverage from his hospital bed…

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